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Chronic Egg Laying

Why do cockatiels and some of the other smaller species of pet birds produce eggs when there is no male present? Over the last few years, female cockatiels and other small pet bird species have accidentally been selectively bred for their ability to lay eggs without a mate present. We need to look back a few generations to find the source of the problem. Veterinarians, breeders and hobbyists have, in error, advised owners that a mate should be provided for these egg-laying pets. This is, in fact, the last thing that you want to do. Laying too many eggs can be a health hazard for a hen. Breeding her will increase the number of birds with this problem in the future. The poultry industry has used this selective breeding technique in a positive way to significantly increase egg production in chickens. The original chicken was a small bird that laid an average of seven eggs each year. Today, with selective breeding and proper nutrition, the average chicken produces 252 eggs per year. The hen that lays the most eggs and the most clutches of eggs in her life, produces the most babies. Super-producing hens are showing up at an increasing rate and developing into a major health problem for small companion birds. Professional and hobby breeders alike, utilize these abnormal hens to produce as many babies as possible for...

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Common Worries About Hand Feeding

Common Worries Common worries occur much more often than the common problems you can find in all parrot books and on the internet. Few owners publicize their successes, only their problems. This situation can present a picture of hazards everywhere. The truth is that chance favors the prepared mind, so read on and the common worries will be much less common. Prior to the time the baby begins to feather out, there are many potential issues that occur for many different reasons. Once the baby has been weaned for a few months he has more in common physically with...

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Bathing and Showering For Parrots

Does my pet parrot need a shower? Yes, for two reasons, they get dirty, and they need to keep clean to feel comfortable and promote good health. Most of our companion parrots are just a few generations out of the wild. A good bathing program can satisfy many of their natural Needs, Wants and Desires. Natural Bathing Instincts for Parrots Parrots in the wild have three main methods of keeping clean. Powder down, water, and preening are all part of every parrot’s grooming behavior. The utilization of the three methods can vary widely between species and in a captive...

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Repainting Parrot Cages

Answers to questions about painting and repainting bird cages are usually incorrect because of the myths created by the media. Overly concerned parrot owners have accidentally and dramatically reinforced these myths. Almost all paints sold in the United States since the 1970’s are edible when dry. The government has gone to great lengths to assure all paints available to residential home owners do not contain lead, zinc or other toxins that could hurt children if ingested. So, any paint sold, at any retail paint store, for home use should be safe to use. Just in case read the instructions...

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