Parrots In Paradise Sanctuary

Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Rehoming for Displaced Parrots in Hawaii

We offer Parrot Rehoming and Rehabilitation

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We are a parrot rescue, rehabilitation, education and adoption center.  We provide a safe place for parrots that have to be re-homed due to unfortunate situations that sometimes arise.  Most of them were dearly loved and cared for, and when that was no longer possible, their companion-people did the most selfless act of kindness in finding them a good home.

We provide a temporary and sometimes permanent home and care for any of our fine feathered friends, we educate the public about proper care for exotic birds and locate healthy, happy and nuturing homes for those that are eligible.

Our refuge is established with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 charitable corporation.

Sanctuary Tours Available Now through Airbnb Experiences!

You now have an amazing opportunity to interact with over 80 friendly, and non-aggressive parrots in a safe environment located in Kealakekua, Hawaii.  You will receive an in-depth education about parrots in general and the overall problem of displaced parrots worldwide, as well as the plight of numerous parrots here in Hawaii.

We are excited to share our socially impactful, non-profit cause with  you!

All walks of life are welcome! A visit to the sanctuary is a 2-hour excursion for ages 3 and up, with a tax deductible donation required of $75.00 per person.  (Ages under 3 are free).

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Aloha, We realized the tremendous need to provide a resource for the well-intentioned individuals who really loved their parrot, but could no longer care for them. With the realization that there also existed a large group of parrots that were greatly in need of rescue from living in abusive conditions, we founded Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary in 2003.

Our organization is a unique, valuable and lifesaving resource within the local “exotic bird community. We are committed to support responsible and enjoyable pet ownership and are pro-active avian advocates and caregivers.  All of your donations are 100% tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

How You Can Help

Your tax deductible monetary donations are greatly appreciated.  We love when our friends contribute bird toys, local veggies, stands, perches and cages,too.

Thank you!!


Our work is only possible through generous volunteer donations of time, money, materials and effort. Countless birds have been rescued, rehabilitated and re-homes. If you would like to be part of this unique hands-on experience with our parrots, we invite you to apply here! Both adults and juniors (13 and up) will find a role they can play. We provide training for most of the volunteer and you will learn much more on the job.  Thank you so much.

To our local network of helpful friends and companies – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your tax deductible support.

We grant our members that our participating in our nominal monthly subscription program a wide range of privileges and perks in exchange for your contribution.   Ask us for more information.