Virtual Adoption / Sponsorship


Virtual Adoption, or sponsoring a parrot on a monthly or annual basis is an excellent way to to support the lives of our resident parrots, this will help the Sanctuary with operating expenses and allows you to reap the tax benefits of a tax deductible donation.  This is also an excellent gift for someone and an perfect way to be personally involved in the care and feeding of individual parrots.

Our membership program greatly supports the numerous displaced parrots in sanctuary.  Your contributions are the life-saving resource that we greatly depend upon.  Your donation will go a long way in ensuring your new virtual friend is happy and well taken care of.  Our sponsorship program greatly supports the numerous displaced parrots in sanctuary.  Your contributions are the life-saving resource that we greatly depend.  Thank you!!

Annual parrot sponsorships can be paid in a single tax deductible donation or in a recurring monthly donation through PayPal

  • $ 25/month or
  • $ 250/year

Virtual Adoption Solutions includes:

  • Certificate of Adoption;
  • Updates with pictures;
  • A biography of your chosen parrot;
  • Species specific information sheet;
  • Tax deductible receipt.

You choose a parrot that is a resident of sanctuary. The parrot stays living and thriving with us at the sanctuary, and you have the peace of mind that you are helping another and giving back, without the day-to-day care and worries.  You are welcome to send special bird-safe toys or treats specifically for your bird.

Why we need your support?

There is a tremendous amount of time, resources, effort and expense taken to manage our sanctuary residents, and with more birds coming in every day. With your help, through our Virtual Adoption-Sponsoring Program, we are able to provide what is needed to take in more parrots and move parrots through rehab and rehome them more effectively and efficiently.

Please sponsor one of our lovely rehabilitation birds, so then we can provide more homes for unwanted, neglected and abused parrots.

View our Candidates by clicking here.

What is involved in the Virtual Adoption/Sponsorship process?

Parrots in Paradise Parrot Sanctuary feel strongly about education, as this is a vital part of our mission. We are reaching out to our community in an effort to inform the future generations of the problems caused by the impulsive purchase of parrots. We hope that by offering a virtual adoption/sponsorship program that many, will be able to participate in the care of unwanted, neglected or abused parrots and not purchase birds from breeders and pet shops.

Virtual adoptions are available to individuals as well as to groups. Schools, clubs, sporting groups and individuals may virtually adopt/sponsor a parrot from our current population.

How do I Virtually Adopt or Sponsor a sanctuary parrot?

  1. Select the bird you would like to Virtual Adopt or Sponsor;
  2. Complete the Virtual Adoption Form;
  3. Paypal Donation.