If you feel that you have exhausted all resources for your companion parrot and that you are unable to care for him/her any longer, please contact the sanctuary to discuss your situation with us. We will be happy to discuss realistic options with you.

It is also recommended that you do not make any hasty decisions and that you have thoroughly discussed this with your family or significant other. These decisions are not taken lightly, especially since you may have cared for your beloved parrot for many years and we understand the sensitivity of these situations. If you have made a final decision to relinquish/surrender your parrot, it will be determined if Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary has any available space. Once it has been determined that space is available for your parrot, Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary will have you sign a relinquishment contract in which you are permanently placing your parrot to be under our care. It may be determined that your parrot will permanently stay in sanctuary or that he/she will be available for adoption if the right individual is found to adopt your parrot. This decision is made by Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary and at their sole discretion.

Each surrendered parrot that enters the sanctuary is carefully assessed to assure that the parrot is provided with proper housing, nutrition, and socialization. A parrot that enters the sanctuary will not be immediately available for adoption until proper assessment and evaluation has been completed.

Each surrendered parrot that enters Parrots in Paradise Sanctuary will incur a financial burden for the sanctuary. While we do not have set demands on requesting a donation for placement (since many individuals are surrendering their parrot because of inability to care for them financially), we do request a donation from each individual surrendering a parrot if they are able to financially support the sanctuary. We leave that amount up to the discretion of each individual surrendering their parrot.