Hawaii Parrot Veterinarians

Avian (Bird) Veterinarians In Kona, Hawaii

  • Kindred Spirit Kindred Care, LLC – Shannon Nakaya, DVM –  808-896-1543. Dr. Nakaya has a bounty of information about birds and bird-related services on her website, http://konabirdvet.com.  She has a very holistic, medical approach.
  • Dr. Juan Guerra (Kamuela): 808-989-6149
  • Dr. Agnes Horvath (mobile): 808-443-3320
  • Dr. Kevin Kawamoto (Kona):  808-334-0994
  • Dr. Alfred Mina and Associates (Hilo):  808-959-2273
  • Dr. Sterret Grune (Kea’au):  808-966-5402

Kapa’au Veterinary Center – 808-889-5488,  Kapa’au Veterinary Center is a privately owned veterinary hospital located in North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai’i. They have been providing Complimentary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine for the animals of Hawai’i since 1998.  More dogs and cats, however they are a great resource.

Licensed rehabilitators for wild birds

• Steve Snyder (hawks and owls, Kona): 808-938-3303
• Kohala Wildlife Center (native species, Kapaau): 808-884-5000

Parrot Lost & Found

This page is for anyone on the Big Island of Hawaii who has lost or found a parrot. We will try hard to help you either reunite with your bird or to find the owner of the one(s) you have found. Please contact us at 808-322-3006 or dorothy@parrotsinparadise.com.

If you’ve lost a bird we’d urge you to do several things, besides contacting us:

  1. Walk around your neighborhood—lost birds generally don’t go very far;
  2. Place an ad on craigslist.org (under “pets” and “lost and found” in their “community” section);
  3. Check the ads in those places every day;
  4. Put up flyers around your neighborhood;
  5. Call the Humane Society to make a report as well as near by pet stores & veterinarians;
  6. Go door to door asking about your bird;
  7. Don’t give up — you have at least a fair chance of finding your bird if you do all of these things. Especially go out looking around dawn and dusk.

If you find a native wild or injured bird, please visit the Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary, http://www.threeringranch.org/babybird.html.

Other Great Resources

The Three ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary – Founded in 1998, the Three Ring Ranch is a private,
non-profit, exotic animal sanctuary located on five acres above Kona. It is home to zebras, nene, hawks, owls, flamingos and reptiles, as well as many other rare, endangered and exotic creatures.

Find a Baby Bird? – Read this, click here.


List of safe and toxic trees for birds – http://www.mdvaden.co